BWO/Vektor 906

The complete control system is available as built-in version with 10-inch large, resistive touch screen. Expandable up to 32 axes and 8 channels in a compact version or with external CPU to 128 axes and 32 channels. The classic interface makes the operation of the machine very easy - it is simple and intuitive.

With BWO PROMA tool it is very simple to create individual user interfaces. It allows to integrate own corporate design and operator guidance for best possible operation of the machine.

BWO/Vektor 906 is ideally suited to compact machines - but also suitable for demanding control tasks. From micro-precision milling machine to gear cutting machine. BWO high-end CNC-control stands for extremely high processing speed and thus increases the productivity of your product.

Ideal for all-in-one solution for CNC machine and robotics. Because only one control-system is needed for both systems. The robot can be programmed according to DIN 66025 or in high-level language.


-No mechanical hard discs

-Quick assembly due to compact design

-SD Card for additional memory

-Up- and downwards compatible because of the internally developed and manufactured hardware and software


 BWO real-time operating system

-No risk of viruses

-No requirement of any antivirus or additional programs which could adversely affect the performance


* Available bus systems: DEVICENET ™, CANopen®, Sercos III®, Profinet® (PNGate®), EtherCAT®