The BWO/Vektor product family

For any requirements and any budget the right control product: The new generation of BWO/Vektor is fully compatible with the BWO classic CNC 900 and thereby perfectly integrates into the BWO/Vektor product family. It consists of the stand-alone-variants BWO/Vektor C and BWO/Vektor 906 as well as the modular version BWO/Vektor 921.


The all-in-one solution: BWO/Vektor C/CT >

The all-in-one solution:  BWO/Vektor 906 >

The modular solution: BWO/Vektor 921 >


Real time operating system

BWO control-systems work with an own BWO operating system. It has been developed and optimized especially for CNC control tasks. This ensures the backwards and forwards compatibility, and provides room for future extensions. Many processes can be simplified: Fast boot times (45 seconds) and no antivirus software is required. The operation and configuration of the control system is exceedingly simple.

Sustainable investment

Control systems of BWO are timelessly up to date and durable. A lot of devices work in tough working conditions for 30 years. This guarantees the conformity of the long machine lifecycles with the lifecycle of the implemented CNC control.

Even the early Heckler & Koch control systems like CNC 785 or 788 from the 1980s can often still be exchanged or repaired. This durability combined with universality makes BWO also an ideal partner for the retrofit business.

Our customer training is always customized and individual, therefore solutions can already be worked out in the training.

To support you, we also provide services such as, for example, PLC programing, creation of user interfaces on HMIs, machining cycles and specific transformations.