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Engineering from experience

BWO engineering draws from 40 years of experience in various fields of machine tool applications. Specialization: Tricky solutions and ”nothing is impossible“. Behind every controlling concept by BWO is a lot of engineering performance and lots of experience. The controller specialists accompany the machine manufacturer from the conceptual draft until the production start-up – and even further.

Open for individual solutions

Instead of a closed system BWO offers an advantageous openness at different levels: in PLC, Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) or in the NC kernel. So the machine manufacturer can successfully differentiate his product in the market by his unique selling propositions.

With the open BWO control even a customized robotic applications can be successfully realized. Machine tool and robot can be controlled with one control system. This allows a uniform operation of the machine and the robot. The programming of the robot according to DIN 66025 provides the machine operator with the usual CNC programming environment and CNC functions. Even more performance by the availability of measurement cycles, processing cycles, various compensations, tool management and connection to CAD.