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1970The BWO concept of controlling systems is based on the expertise of Heckler & Koch engineering which succeeded in developing initial electronic controllers for machine tools and specialized machines as early as 1970.

1980The LNC 800 is the forefather of today’s control solutions by BWO. It is the first system on the market especially developed system for flexible NC-controled special-purpose machines. The LNC 800 is expandable for up to 48 axes. And it is the first control that allowes for NC and handling in one system due to the integrated PLC.

1985For special demands there is a control solution with jerk-limited acceleration – the company launches this solution and thereby emphasizes its solutions competence in the field of special-purpose machines.

1988With the introduction of the CNC 788 control freely definable user interfaces become feasible. This makes it possible – for the first time – to integrate specific know-how of the machine manufacturers and to design individual user interfaces.

1989The company offers the PLC programming in four different programming languages and so proves the openness of the system.

1990The entire know-how of the past years is combined. The open and scalable control system 900 is designed. The new thing about it is its high universality: machining centers, transfer lines as well as robots can be controlled with it. No matter whether Carthesian coordinate system, Polar coordinate system, Scara-system or jointed-arm robots: the control is designed for all systems since it can be constructed according to type, positioning and number of axes. The 900 satisfies even special solutions: e.g. automated weld seam tracking with arc sensor is possible. This elimitates the time-consuming set-up of the sensors.

1991BWO takes over the know-how, the manufacturing and development team and the production facilities of Heckler & Koch. At this point, more than 15,000 control systems by BWO are in use worldwide. With main focus on automobile industry and engineering.

1998BWO is one of the first to change its controls to touchscreen-surfaces worldwide, making it even more user-friendly and optimizes the adjustment to the machine environment. .

2012BWO Elektronik GmbH is implemented into the Merkel Group, Suhl. Merkel is part of the internationally positioned Tawazun Holding (UAE).

2014BWO presents the new control system family BWO/Vektor. These are high performance CNC-controls for complex machinery and applications. The successful basis of the BWO controls remains: the new control systems are compatible with the CNC 900. BWO also remains faithful to its other company principles: development, manufacturing, assembly, programming and quality assurance of all components is done inhouse since the establishment of the company in Oberndorf at the Neckar.